Face Masks

Hey kids!

We are just back from Berlin and it was amaze balls but we will leave that for another time – maybe next week as for now we are sticking to face masks! For the past month we have been experimenting with several different face masks and we are obsessed with them, literally!

We discover them only about a year ago through Lu Ferreira – Chata de Galocha (a cool Brazilian lifestyle blogger) and now are an essential part of our beauty routine and skincare –  we do them 2/3 timer per week and decided to share with you some of our favourites!

There are two types – sheet face mask and wash off face mask. Here we prefer the wash off ones and then we have 2 types – the ones that come in a pot (to use several times) and the ones that come in a sachet (to use one time only). Both are great and can be useful in different situations, such as travelling.

Face Masks – Our Favourites

Face MasksAnatomicals Face Masks

They have some of my favourite face masks. Their effect is pretty good, easy to distinguish between the masks and one for each situation. Our two favourites are the Apricot Face Scrub – it really leaves our skin feeling like brand new, and The Toning Cucumber Face Mask – which is ideal for oily skin (like ours) and smells great!! You can buy them at Urban Outfitters and Boots.

Face MasksFace MasksLe Labo

Before we shared our experience here at My White Mornings we decided to try Le Labo Charcoal Face Mask for a month to see if the results were good. Let’s face it, it’s far more of an investment than the other ones that will cost between £1.50 and and £3. They promise a deeply cleansing and detoxifying face mask that will leave the skin smooth and even. Well the results are great, it’s cruelty free and fragrance free (a big plus for us) – and it’s probably our favourite by now!

Face MasksFace MasksH&M

H&M has loads and loads of face masks we might have tried all of them by now which is pretty good since they cater for everyone or pretty bad if you can’t decided for one, like us! Same of them are pretty good and others are just alright but our favourites are – Pomegranate and Mango Face Mask – pore-cleansing face face mask and Dead Sea Minerals Face Mask – reviving face mask. Both are for tired skin and pretty much what we look for in a face mask – an extra care for our skin.

There are other face masks that we have tried in the past but for the moment these are our favourites 🙂 We will also be sharing a testing soon on the Le Labo Face Mask so you guys know what would be the overall rate 🙂

Have a nice week,