We are two bored awesome Portuguese guys with a self-depreciating amazing sense of humour living in Brighton, United Kingdom (when not suddenly packing everything and moving back to Portugal).

This is the blog that we run together after a few failed experiences on our own – andrajos? anyone?

We hate love our jobs and this is our escape from the real world hobby as we have nothing better to do with our free time while waiting for Brexit to kicks us back to where we belong connecting with people and travelling the world!

Life sucks is amazing and we love sharing it with other depressed people with the world (3 decades on Planet Earth and still wondering – ‘what are you doing with your life? – join the club). We also love cooking (to be fair, only one of us – Nuno) and we looooove eating (pretty easy to guess each one of us by now – Tiago), and travelling through western europe as we can’t really afford more than that the world and spending money on expensive clothes shopping!

After 5 years of blogging (wow!! – only achievement by 30), #mywhitemornings is where we are going to be sharing more bits and pieces of our depressing wonderful life! – Wanna know more? – just tag a long!