Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

Hey Winter Spring!

We love a good breakfast – I love cooking and Tiago hates it, so that’s the formula for a good breakfast! On the bright side, he always wakes up in a good mood but better not count with him to actually eat anything for breakfast rather than chocapic with milk.

He is soooooo lazy (and so bad at it – not even good at toasting bread but that’s another story!) when it comes to cook, that he rather not eat so he doesn’t have to cook it – that’s how bad the situation is. Thankfully (for him) I like to prepare a good breakfast (I get pretty darn happy!!) so he can just lay in bed until I serve it IN BED (then he will say that he doesn’t like it because is such a mess)!!

So, since it’s spring (??) – one wonders if would be better off buying a boat to navigate on the streets – I have been spoiling making him one of my favourite breakfast recipes – Beetroot Smoothie Bowl. It’s full of flavour with a touch of spring.


Beetroot Smoothie Bowl Recipe

serves 2

ingredients (for the smoothie bowl):

2 frozen bananas
300 g fresh strawberries
100 ml milk
1 natural greek yoghurt (125 g)
3 tsp. beetroot powder
1 tsp. honey (optional)

ingredients (for the topping):

1 tbsp. coconut chips
1 tsp. pumpkin seeds
1 tsp. sunflower seeds
fresh strawberries
fresh mint leaves

In a blender, place all the ingredients for the smoothie (only!!) and blend it for around 1 minute or until smooth. Add some toppings and serve.

Enjoy it and see you next week from Berlin, YAY!