Les Vacances: Menorca

Last year for the Summer vacations, 6 of us decided to go to Menorca – so us (Nuno and Tiago), plus 4 close friends. The plan was simple: rent a house, get to know the beaches around the island, have some nice food (tapas, helloooo!), read ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck‘ and have fun. That’s it, not a big plan on what to do or see and it was pretty nice and not easy (coordination wise) to go on holidays with friends. It wasn’t easy to plan as the 6 of us were coming from different places and all had to have our holidays accepted from our crazy bosses. However, in the end it was pretty damn great so we will leave some tips about Les Vacances: Menorca.

The island is not too big, the beaches are to die for, the colours – from the blue of the ocean to the yellow of the houses – are just perfect and the landscape is beautiful. You will need to rent a car to get anywhere as the island is still in a pretty raw/virgin state but that’s what makes it so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Menorca Travel Guide – The Beaches:
Cala Macarella (and Cala Macarelleta)


Our favourite beach was Cala Macarella – the landscape of the beach and the blue of the ocean is just perfect. If you don’t wake up before sunrise (literately!) you will not find a parking spot and the best option will be to park at Cala Galdana and then walk for 30 minutes – as you can guess, we did not wake up before sunrise!! Tip: swim between Macarella and Macarella it’s such an amazing experience!

Cala Galdana


This one looks just like out of a Hollywood movie from the 50’s – the bay, the surroundings, the boats between the rocks – BEAUTIFUL!! Also, one of the few beaches where you can actually have network signal on your phone (instagram gram gram!!).

Cala Algaiarenscala-algaiarense-beach-menorca

There is a part of this beach which we believe is reserved for naturists – or so it looked liked, as everyone was naked. Obviously, we took the opportunity and nakeeeeed time. There is no better feeling. It’s freedom and you should try it!! (Since we moved to Brighton – a year and a half now, naturist beach is our thing. It’s cool, it’s liberating!!)

Cala en Turqueta


Cala n’ Bosch


Cala Mitjana


Menorca Travel Guide – Eat and Drink:


Following the suggestions to avoid all the touristy places (where everything is 3 times more expensive and 5 times less tasty) most of the places we tried out where in Ciutadella (since we did not go to Mahon at all) where there were some really cool places. But there was two conditions. Condition number one was: be able to seat outdoors. Condition number two was: spanish food.

That said, Mostassa, is a pretty nice place to seat outdoors on a busy carrer and have some tapas and burgers and MolĂ­ Des Comte Asador is another cool place where you can have some tapas. Other places that caught our attention but which we didn’t have the opportunity to try were Moriarty (the interior was beauuuutiful) and Cuk Cuk Experience – where you are meant to go with your friends to cook and eat together (sounds something we would be very interested on!).

However our favourite thing to eat is ice cream! So there was a place that caught our eyes immediately – Sottozero. Their slogan is ‘101% Vero Gelato Italiano‘ and we must say it’s damn true. Their hazelnut (always hazelnut, nothing else!) gelato is to die for. Other nice place is SA Gelateria (they have several locations across Ciutadella)

To drink we would just say pick any place. It’s Spain so it does not matter much as long as you sit outside with a caña – at least that would do us. But if you want a suggestion, Es Cau which is on the same street as Mostassa – it’s a pretty chilled place for a cerveza!

Menorca Travel Guide – Must Do:


We would say nothing! Eat, sleep, relax it’s a pretty good motto! But, if you wish to do something, we would recommend read a book and swim in the ocean. BUT, if you really WISH to do something then, eat an ensaimada (or a delicious mitja luna) from Pastisseria Moll, swim between cala macarella and cala macarelleta, watch the sunrise and the sunset everyday or even rent a boat to visit some of the famous calas of Menorca!

Menorca is so beautiful and even tho the stupid weather was not always great (it rained in two of the days) it’s a place worth experiencing. The rays of sun, the colours of Ciutadella, the turquoise waters and the friendly people make us (Tiago, more than Nuno) wanna come back soon!

Ps: Nuno came back to Brighton giving way less fucks (read the book, seriously!)


Cooking with… Nuno Mendes: Pastel de Nata


We have been baking pasteĂ­s de nata quite a lot over the past month or so. It’s such a portuguese thing so we should give it a try on ‘Cooking with… Nuno Mendes: Pastel de Natacause in the end we get to it them since it’s impossible to find a good pastel de nata around Brighton.
Pastel de Nata Recipe - Nuno MendesPastel de Nata Recipe - Nuno MendesWe decided to try the recipe of Nuno Mendes – that famous Portuguese chef with amazing restaurants, such as Taberna do Mercado, in London –  from Lisboeta: Recipes from Portugal’s City of Light‘ cookbook. The book itself is an ode to the Portuguese (and Lisbon in particular) food scene and we loooove it! Not only it’s the book pretty but the recipes amazing and it’s written so well that leaves us *cheios de saudades*!
This recipe is easy enough. Truth is, is easier than we thought would be and quite addictive (since we love to eat a good pastel de nata). So, since the first time we tried to bake them we have been on a roll baking pasteĂ­s de nata to achieve perfection.

The first time they looked like ’empadas’ ( you might recognised the spanish word – ’empanadas’). Yeah that’s right – empadas de nata – was they were way too big, the pastry to thick and somehow the flavour was quite not right.

Second time around and they tasted so much better (like a proper pastel de nata) but even with smaller muffin tins and thinner pastry it was still not right. Then we bought several smaller muffin tins and no luck there – still too big. When we were about to give up, our awesome friends sent us tins that were specific to bake a pastel de nata from Portugal.
Pastel de Nata Recipe -Pastel de Nata Recipe - Nuno Mendes Nuno MendesPastel de Nata Recipe - Nuno MendesNow we can share the recipe and leave you a few good tips to bake a delicious pastel de nata:

  • the pastel de nata (or muffin tin) should be between 1,8 and 2,5cm tall and 7cm diameter – not taller otherwise it will be way too big!;
  • Nuno Mendes recommends the muffin tins – but, once again, make sure they have the dimensions mentioned above (as we are not baking cupcakes);
  • Nuno Mendes uses all-butter puff pastry – it’s ok to use the ready-made puff pastry but next time I am going to try and make my own puff pastry.

Now to the recipe cause we all love a good pastel de nata and it’s what you are all looking for.

Pastel de Nata Recipe - Nuno MendesPastel de Nata Recipe - Nuno MendesPastel de Nata (or Pastéis de Nata)

makes 12

Nuno Mendes’ recipe is only to bake 6 pastĂ©is de nata but since we love them so much, the recipe below is to make 12 in one go 🙂

ingredients for the pastry:

  • 1 sheet puff pastry (500g)
  • melted butter, for greasing
  • sugar and cinnamon for dusting

ingredients for the sugar syrup:

  • 225g caster sugar
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 strip of lemon zest
  • 2 x 75ml water

ingredients for the custard:

  • 500ml whole milk (300ml + 200ml)
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 strip of lemon zest
  • 40g butter (20g + 20g)
  • 4 tbsp white plain flour
  • 2 tsp cornflour
  • 4 medium egg yolks

To prepare the pastry – start by brushing 12 individual muffin tins with melted butter and fill in the fridge. In the meantime, roll out the puff pastry into a 2mm-thick rectangle and then roll it up lengthwise into a tight sausage shape about 5cm diameter. Slice into 12 discs 2 cm thick. Roll the discs once again into 2 cm thick and then place them in the tins and making sure they come just below the top of the tins. Chill in the fridge while making the custard.

To make the sugar syrup – Put the ingredients – 225g sugar, 75ml water, lemon zest and cinnamon stick in a pan over medium hear for about 5 minutes, just until the sugar dissolves. Cook over a low heat until you have a light brown caramel (another 2-3 minutes). Add the remaining 75ml water and return the pan to a gentle hear to dissolve any solid caramel (about 3-5 minutes).

To make the custard – Heat 300ml milk in a pan over medium heat with the cinnamon stick, lemon zest and 20 g of butter bringing it to just below boiling point – about 10 minutes and then remove the cinnamon stick and lemon zest. In the meantime, on a bowl mix the flour and cornflour and gradually add the remaining milk (200ml milk) until a thin paste. Gradually por the warm infused milk over the paste, stirring well, then pour the mixture back into the pan. Cook over low, for about 5-7 minutes, until it thickens to a double cream consistency. Whisk the remaining 20g butter.

To bake the pastĂ©is de nata – Preheat the oven to its highest temperature (in our case 270Âș C) and place a baking sheet on the top shelf. Just before baking the tarts, pour the sugar syrup into the custard and add the 4 egg yolks. Pour the mixture into the pastry-lined pastĂ©is de nata tins (fill almost to the top) and bake in the hot baking sheet for 9-13 minutes (ours were more to the 13 minutes – we like them a little burnt on top) and rotating them if necessary to make sure they colour evenly.

Take them out of the oven and leave them to cook slightly in the tins (they will be too hot!) before removing and cooling on a wire rack. Eat them while they are still warm (they taste even better!), sprinkled with cinnamon (and sugar if you wish – like in Portugal) before serving.
Pastel de Nata Recipe - Nuno MendesPastel de Nata Recipe - Nuno MendesPastel de Nata Recipe - Nuno MendesWe hope you enjoy them as much as we do and next time we’ll bring a recipe for a good puff pastry – yeah? In the meantime, buy the book and fall in love with Lisbon and Portugal ❀

Have a nice week and hugs from sunny Portugal!


Exploring Berlin: West Berlin

Hey friends!

Let’s talk about Exploring Berlin: West Berlin! As mentioned on the previous post – Exploring Berlin: East Berlin, we stayed mostly in East Berlin so we don’t have as many places to share about West Berlin.

However, we did stroll around famous Unter der Linden, checked Biniki Berlin and visited the main monuments around Potsdamer Platz.

Places to Eat and Drink Coffee in West Berlin

No news here: since we love coffee we are going to share the places that we like the most – not that many, but they are reeeeeeally nice!

There are 3 places on this list. The first one is Pastel – as the name suggests, you can eat a pastel de nata (portuguese custard tart). The owners are Portuguese and the pasteis de nata are sooooo good <3. The second place is Hallesches Haus, a beautiful cafĂ© and shop and the third one is our favourite – Benedict! Benedict Berlin is a place where you can eat breakfast food for brunch, lunch and dinner. Whenever you want it – 24/7!!!

Hallesches Haus
Benedict Berlin

Places to Visit and Things to Do in West Berlin

In central Berlin – which is in fact still part of Mitte you can visit mos of the monuments related with the Second World War and Berlin Wall. Places worth visiting are the super touristic areas of Checkpoint Charlie and Potsdamer Platz but it’s also possible to visit Holocaust Memorial, Hitler’s bunker, Reichstag, Topographie des Terrors.

Even better is to stroll around Tiergarten, check Brandenburg Gate at sunset and end the day at Unter der Linden!

We also visited the cool Bikini Berlin – the building is beautiful, full of nice shops and the view from the terrace of Berlin Zoo is priceless! After that we went to see the exhibition at Bauhaus Archive (before moving to it’s new locations so was free!).

Did we enjoy Berlin: Yeah!! It’s so cool and the 4 days spent there were so nice and relaxed but at the same time is always good to be back in quirky Brighton ❀





Exploring Berlin: East Berlin

Hey friends,

Berlin was amazeballs and the four days we spent there were pretty good to explore the city, soak up the culture and enjoy the few days off. In this post Exploring Berlin: East Berlin we will explore Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Mitte neighbourhoods and will share some nice places to eat, drink coffee, shop and visit while in Berlin.


We stayed mostly in East Berlin during our trip since our hostel was located in the heart of Mitte – Generator Hostel Berlin Mitte. It’s pretty cool, quite big and definitely a central location where everything is just around the corner! The reason why we decided to stay in a hostel? Cause we haven’t stayed in one in ages and this one seemed pretty nice!


Coffee Shops in East Berlin

We looooooove coffee (is that even newsworthy?) and love stopping in a nice coffee shop, seat down and enjoy the free WiFi free time so here are some our favourite coffee shops in East Berlin.

The Barn Coffee Roasters


RöststÀtte Berlin


Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers


KaffeeMitteKaffeeMitte Berlin

Shops and Bookshops in East Berlin

We didn’t spend much time shopping as there are far better things to do when visting a new city however we are suckers for books, magazines, everything stationery and pretty shops that have all of the above (plus coffee). We popped for some coffee at the The Store at Soho House – such a beautiful concept store with pretty decor, awesome-but-can’t-afford nice clothes and plenty of books and magazines.


Other nice places where – Soda Books, as the name suggests, to buy books and magazines with a selection to die for and Granit a homestore full of nice things and since we love buying kitchen goods we had to control ourselves (we couldn’t fit all in our luggage even if we wanted!).

Soda Books




Places to Eat in East Berlin

We never make big plans about on where to eat since we like to explore a city and discover new places along the way. So, we stumbled across a few nice places that caught our attention. The first one was BĂ€ckerei und Konditorei W Balzer – a pretty and very much like the old Portuguese bakeries so we decided to go and try some one of their baked goods. That ‘palmier’ was pretty delicious (yeah!, we came for more the very next day!).


The second time was Bun Bao – a nice Vietnamese restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg where we sat outdoors on a sunny Sunday and had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G vegetarian bao <3. After that we went all for vegan ice cream at Tribeca Ice Cream and our choice of flavours were hazelnut (always hazelnut, always!) and blue coconut. We don’t even know why it’s called blue coconut but was one of the best ice creams ever.

Bun Bao


Tribeca Ice Cream


We didn’t go on a night out so can’t talk much about it but we did go for a few drinks twice. The first time to Strandbar – which is by the river with such a beautiful view and the perfect place to end a Sunday. The second time was to a cafĂ©-bar in a corner near where we were staying just because it was open until late – Keyser Soze.


Places to Visit and Things to Do in East Berlin

There are millions things we could have done but we combined things we love to do with things to visit such as a Sunday in the park and playing a visit to the most remarkable monuments, otherwise it’s just simply boring.

Things do Do in East Berlin:

Watch the sunset by the river at James-Simon Park (facing Berliner Dom)

Exploring the (Flohmarkt ) Flea Market at Arkonaplatz

Relax in Mauerpark on a Sunday



Places to Visit in East Berlin:

Berlin Wall at GedenkstÀtte Berliner Mauer (our favourite and less touristy) and East Side Gallery;

Explore Alexanderplatz and Berliner Fernsehturm

Visit the Berliner Dom and Museum Island


We hope you are enjoying this Exploring Berlin: East Berlin and next week we will bring you part two – Exploring Berlin: West Berlin. If you want more tips and nice places to check while in Berlin visit We Blog You (only in portuguese, sorry #notsorry :D), Stil in Berlin and Monocle Guides.

See you guys next week,


Cooking with.. Yotam Ottolenghi: Chocolate Birthday Cake

Hey kids!

Sorry for our absence but it was a pretty busy few weeks (in a good way). Berlin, Tiago’s Birthday, friends came over and a week later family came to visit but here we are to share with you the recipe for this Chocolate Birthday Cake. ‘Cooking with.. Yotam Ottolenghi: Chocolate Birthday Cake‘ is the first post of our series of ‘Cooking with..’ here on the blog, where we grab recipes from books we love, tried them and then ate them share them here with you!

Tiago loves cakes, loves chocolate, loves chocolate on cake, loves cake on chocolate and loves chocolate cake. Got it? Basically, anything that involves chocolate and cake so last year I (Nuno) promised that for 2018 I would bake him a proper chocolate cake (you can last year’s cake here).

Why this one from Ottolenghi‘s Sweet cookbook? First, it’s pretty easy (we like to keep things simple in the kitchen). Second, it’s said to be ‘World’s Best Chocolate Cake‘ (by Ottolenghi himself). Third, as soon as Tiago saw it on the book could not stop thinking about it. So there you have, 3 reason to bake this cake and a fourth one – IT IS THAT GOOD!

chocolate-birthday-cakeChocolate Birthday Cake

1 cake

There are two small changes to this recipe: first, the cooking chocolate is 85% cocoa instead of 70% (at Tiago’s request) and second, we didn’t add the 2 tsp. vanilla extract as in the original recipe. Then after baking the cake we decided to top the chocolate with our favourite combination – greek yoghurt and mascarpone with fresh berries!

ingredients (for the cake):

  • 250 g unsalted butter, at room temperature, cut into 2 cm cubes, plus extra for greasing
  • 200 g dark cooking chocolate (85% cocoa), chopped into pieces
  • 1 and 1/2 tsp. instant coffee granules, dissolved into 350 ml boiling water
  • 250 g caster sugar
  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 240 g self-raising sifted flour
  • 30 g cocoa powder
  • 1/4 tsp. salt

Preheat the over to 175ÂșC. Grease two 20 cm round cake tins and line with baking paper, then set aside.
Place the butter, chocolate and hot coffee in a large heatproof bowl and mix well until everything is melted, combined and smooth. Involve the sugar by hand until dissolved in the mixture. Add the eggs and whisk again until the mixture is smooth. On the side mix the flour, the cocoa powder and salt and then whisk into the chocolate mix.
Pour the mixture into the two prepared cake tins and bake in the over for about 50-60 minutes or until a skewer is inserted and comes out clean.

Notes on baking this cake:

  • you don’t require a hand mixer for this cake;
  • the batter is liquid – don’t freak out!;
  • the top will crack a little but it’s supposed to.

ingredients (for the topping):

250 g mascarpone cheese
250 g natural greek yoghurt
1 tsp. powdered sugar
400 g fresh berries – raspberries, blueberries and strawberries

Mix the mascarpone cheese, greek yoghurt and powdered sugar in a bowl and beat it until well involved and creamy, for about 2 minutes.

assembling the cake:

The cake layers must be around 3 cm tall. They don’t need to be perfect, but relatively uniform.
Place the first cake layer on a cake stand, spread half of the mascarpone and yoghurt mixture in an uniform and flat way and place some berries to cover the surface. Place the second cake layer on top, spread the rest of the mascarpone mixture and on top add the remaining berries.
Place in the fridge until serving time.

Enjoy it (cause we certainly did  – at least with friends around there was plenty of us to eat it all!) and see you next week!


Face Masks

Hey kids!

We are just back from Berlin and it was amaze balls but we will leave that for another time – maybe next week as for now we are sticking to face masks! For the past month we have been experimenting with several different face masks and we are obsessed with them, literally!

We discover them only about a year ago through Lu Ferreira – Chata de Galocha (a cool Brazilian lifestyle blogger) and now are an essential part of our beauty routine and skincare –  we do them 2/3 timer per week and decided to share with you some of our favourites!

There are two types – sheet face mask and wash off face mask. Here we prefer the wash off ones and then we have 2 types – the ones that come in a pot (to use several times) and the ones that come in a sachet (to use one time only). Both are great and can be useful in different situations, such as travelling.

Face Masks – Our Favourites

Face MasksAnatomicals Face Masks

They have some of my favourite face masks. Their effect is pretty good, easy to distinguish between the masks and one for each situation. Our two favourites are the Apricot Face Scrub – it really leaves our skin feeling like brand new, and The Toning Cucumber Face Mask – which is ideal for oily skin (like ours) and smells great!! You can buy them at Urban Outfitters and Boots.

Face MasksFace MasksLe Labo

Before we shared our experience here at My White Mornings we decided to try Le Labo Charcoal Face Mask for a month to see if the results were good. Let’s face it, it’s far more of an investment than the other ones that will cost between ÂŁ1.50 and and ÂŁ3. They promise a deeply cleansing and detoxifying face mask that will leave the skin smooth and even. Well the results are great, it’s cruelty free and fragrance free (a big plus for us) – and it’s probably our favourite by now!

Face MasksFace MasksH&M

H&M has loads and loads of face masks we might have tried all of them by now which is pretty good since they cater for everyone or pretty bad if you can’t decided for one, like us! Same of them are pretty good and others are just alright but our favourites are – Pomegranate and Mango Face Mask – pore-cleansing face face mask and Dead Sea Minerals Face Mask – reviving face mask. Both are for tired skin and pretty much what we look for in a face mask – an extra care for our skin.

There are other face masks that we have tried in the past but for the moment these are our favourites 🙂 We will also be sharing a testing soon on the Le Labo Face Mask so you guys know what would be the overall rate 🙂

Have a nice week,


Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

Hey Winter Spring!

We love a good breakfast – I love cooking and Tiago hates it, so that’s the formula for a good breakfast! On the bright side, he always wakes up in a good mood but better not count with him to actually eat anything for breakfast rather than chocapic with milk.

He is soooooo lazy (and so bad at it – not even good at toasting bread but that’s another story!) when it comes to cook, that he rather not eat so he doesn’t have to cook it – that’s how bad the situation is. Thankfully (for him) I like to prepare a good breakfast (I get pretty darn happy!!) so he can just lay in bed until I serve it IN BED (then he will say that he doesn’t like it because is such a mess)!!

So, since it’s spring (??) – one wonders if would be better off buying a boat to navigate on the streets – I have been spoiling making him one of my favourite breakfast recipes – Beetroot Smoothie Bowl. It’s full of flavour with a touch of spring.


Beetroot Smoothie Bowl Recipe

serves 2

ingredients (for the smoothie bowl):

2 frozen bananas
300 g fresh strawberries
100 ml milk
1 natural greek yoghurt (125 g)
3 tsp. beetroot powder
1 tsp. honey (optional)

ingredients (for the topping):

1 tbsp. coconut chips
1 tsp. pumpkin seeds
1 tsp. sunflower seeds
fresh strawberries
fresh mint leaves

In a blender, place all the ingredients for the smoothie (only!!) and blend it for around 1 minute or until smooth. Add some toppings and serve.

Enjoy it and see you next week from Berlin, YAY!