We like to share our passions and crazy stories with other people around the web world and for that reason we have had a few collaborations, guest posts and interviews with some amazing people and brands.

You can read (just in portuguese,  #sorrynotsorry) what the amazing guys behind We Blog You had to say about my (nuno’s) previous blog – andrajos. I have also collaborated with them in a guest post (once again, just in portuguese) on what is my super boring dynamic creative process behind a food blog and on how to take inspiring flat lays!

On na sua lua (Lorena Fernandez’s blog) – such a cool portuguese name for a blog – you can discover (in Spanish) why I love food so much and read a bit more about myself (once again, only about Nuno but pretty damn relatable to Tiago). If you want to know a bit more of us (especially Nuno) you can read a bit more on Oh!Mag (quite proud of it) and find a fatty luscious pumpkin pies recipe (pumpkin pies are always a good idea!!) or read on Lux Woman’s website why I love Brighton, Alentejo or film photography (only in portuguese).

As you can see by now, we cater for any language!!

We also has our recipes, looks and photos featured on websites and social media. You can check these delicious Black Bean and Couscous Burgers and some other amazing recipes on The feedfeed, Jarry Magazine, Bake from Scratch, Kitchen Bowl or some of our lifestyle photos for Urban Outfitters, such as this and this one, Hello Mr., Urban Jungle Bloggers, Brighton, IKEA Portugal (our cool and leafy home in Portugal), Público P3 or even a guide about good coffee shops in Brighton for Townske App!

Now that you know a bit more, explore the rest 😉